Steven Moffat fala do mistério Orson Pink

12-12-2014 22:33

O produtor executivo de  Doctor Who Steven Moffat falou sobre o mistério que envolve Orson Pink após a morte de Danny no episódio final da temporada 8.

Foi há Doctor Who Magazine que Moffat falou sobre Orson Pink tendo dito: "I can think of several explanations, but the obvious one is that Orson comes from another branch of the family.”

Acrescentou ainda: “[Orson] knows about Danny’s heroic sacrifice, because Clara got in touch with the Pink family after the events of 'Death in Heaven' (because you would, wouldn’t you?), and told them what he did, and why. And she gave them the little soldier, as a keepsake of a great man and a great soldier – and because she knows the toy soldier has to remain in the Pink family line.”

Por fim o produtor executivo disse ainda: “Now all that strikes me as pretty inevitable – that’s what would have happened – but I’m not saying it’s right. Nothing is actual till it’s in the show. Knowing how the season would end, we were careful, in 'Listen', never to define exactly what the connection was.”

Fica, portanto, no ar a questão sobre Orson Pink e a sua ligação a Clara e Danny, e um possível explicação alternativa poderá já chegar no especial de Natal, 'Last Christmas', emitido a 25 de dezembro, às 18:25, na BBC One!